As Channeled by the Soul, Frances Pullin

As you know, Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. We are known as glowing and fiery, here to assist the Earth with healing. We are excited to be bringing messages through this soul, Frances. We have been searching to connect with her for many risings and settings of the sun. She has been delivered to us to work through her and bring more love into your world as you know it.

We ask you to begin with healing of the hearts of mankind. This is not a superficial healing, it is a deep seated, profoundly rooted healing that has constantly grown since mankind began to increase in number and seek out power and riches. For whatever reason, you were all sent here to learn and grow. Each of you on your own individual path to enlightenment. We do not understand all since the energies who dwell with us on Sirius are enlightened. We landed there in that condition. Was it from our last incarnation here? We do not know or care, we just are. We share our energies, our souls with the Earth as it is needed for its healing. Then, we return to Sirius to rejuvenate our auras.

Where does the need for power and riches over all in your world begin to manifest in you? In your soul? What did you come to Earth to learn this time and when will you love you so very much that you will not have this need to be anyone but the perfection of you? You continue to look for the next dimension, yet when you are ready, it will just be there. There is no search, no magic potions, drinks, or powders. It is not in a book nor does it come magically through a meditation. It just is. It is a feeling of completeness and wholeness. You examine your journey. This one and others. One at a time or all at once. Not the childhood, as that is what formed you. Sit with the adult you have become because of the childhood.

You must be the one to decide to be naughty or nice. To consume drugs or to down a beverage of warm water and fresh lemon juice. We are choosing to speak in extremely easy words and sentences here as we are getting this message to the masses, not only the intellectual minds. Let the scientists do their work. Can they prove we exist or just follow their blind faith as we are asking you to do? Some intellectuals get us on every level. Some do not. Remember each of you is here on your own journey to not be deviated or devalued by anyone including you.

Do not judge you. Question, yes. Judge no. You are perfection no matter what your mind is telling you in this moment. It is up to you to arrive at the point of belief any way you choose to do that. With a mentor here on the Earth or with a mentor from the other side, or both. Work to be kind to others, pure in heart, judging no one of their journey, choosing who to befriend based on the feeling of their energy as it enters your physical realm. Have you been kind and loving all week, or did you slip? A slip is just that. Get up and start over. No points lost or gained as no score is being recorded.

As for riches, they must be found in the beggar on the street, the addicted soul who cannot shake their demons, the strong leader in your community. They all have something to share. Those are the riches. The beggar has their own stories to tell anyone who will listen as does the addict. They were not formed in the womb knowing this was their outcome. They watched, they strived, and they ended up not feeling the love we are asking you to give them and to help them to feel inside of their own hearts. Even the community leader needs this love. Stand proud. Teach love and be love and the rest will fall into place.

Healing does not stop with the human soul, it extends deep into the Earth where mankind has bruised the roots of the trees and plants, sullied the waters, and extracted the body of the planet itself. If you have riches of money, form consortiums to replace what is damaged. If you have riches of love and soul, feed the wildlife and your neighbor. Do not hoard. Riches do not follow you into the afterlife but live on in the work you do.

Your planet is in crisis with healing imperative. It all begins with loving you.