It is I, Amadeus. Many years ago, we sought your attention. You were

frightened, yet curious. This dinner party set your mind in motion, and

you feel it uncanny that after all of these years, you are now a channel.

Once frightened, now in reverence.

Love and Light, Amadeus.


It was thirty-five years ago that I was first introduced to the psychic

world at my parents’ dinner table. They had invited me and

my then husband, Steve, to dinner. My sister and a family friend,

Frank had also been invited. Frank, on his way to Texas from

California for a vacation, had stopped in Tucson to visit with my parents

for the day. Dinner was filled with chatter as Steve and I got to know

Frank. I was curious about him, since my parents rarely had company,

and I wanted to know why he had been chosen to join us.


My parents had met Frank while they were living in Elk Grove, a

small community near Sacramento, California. He had been to dinner

at their home, and my sister had met him then. She was still living at

home at the time and attending the local high school. My mom and dad

had since moved back to Tucson (along with my sister, brother and, of

course, the cat), and they were eager to enjoy their friend Frank in their

new surroundings.


When dinner was over, the conversation turned to religion, and then

to the spirit world. I had never met anyone like Frank, who had such

immense knowledge of God, Jesus, and religious teachings. I was fascinated

and settled in for a long, lovely evening, as I wanted more of this

religious energy. He seemed so confident about his knowledge of God

and religion, and that intrigued me.


Conflicting feelings battled within me when Frank suggested a

séance, but he seemed so clear in his religious knowledge that I felt

comfortable enough to agree. Still, I will never forget my deep-seated

fear, as we moved forward, that Source – my name for God or a Higher

Power – would not like the direction the evening was taking. Growing

up, I’d been taught in church that the spirit world was the work of the

devil – and yet here I was in the comfort of my parents’ home, and they

seemed happy enough to move forward. How could I resist, given that I

was their child, and (at that time in my life) did as they wished?


I have since learned that the spirit world is not the work of the devil,

but quite the opposite. In fact, I now know that this realm is based on

unconditional love. (Frank used the word “God,” but in my attempt to

bring this book to those who do not believe in God, or who call this

higher power by a different name, I use the term “Source.” Today, when

my Guides and Others speak through me, they use “God,” so later on,

when I share their messages with you, I use that term to preserve their

exact wording.)


Frank asked for everyone’s agreement before he began. I paused

briefly and then, after deep contemplation, nodded yes. I reasoned that

my fear was based on those church teachings I’d grown up with, but

Frank’s intelligence, quiet presence, and his caring and affection for my

mom and dad put me at ease.


Frank said that each of us could ask a question when his Spirit Guide

came through. He explained that she was a woman named Shay, and

when he spoke, a woman’s voice did come through him! At that moment,

I knew it was no longer him, but Spirit speaking. When it was my turn


to ask a question, I told Shay about a dream that I’d relived over and

over. As I spoke, Shay told my sister to take my hand because I seemed

frightened. This surprised me, as my sister is eight years younger than

me and was in high school at the time – and I was the mother of two!


Shay went on to explain that the dream was in my subconscious, and

that it came from a past life. It seems I was married to a German officer

in World War II, and since I was living in a city, not a rural village, the

war was an everyday, real-life nightmare! During the battles, I found

myself running from one building to the next, trying to outrun the shells

that pummeled the city. I always felt such fear when this dream came to

me, and would awaken feeling that it was so real. But Shay’s explanation

that it was a past-life memory felt so right, and to this day, that dream

has never returned, no matter how many times I repeat this story.


Shay then spoke to my husband, Steve, telling him that he had so

much love surrounding him, but took none of it in and gave none of

it out. Knowing this to be true, I began to think that there might be

something of value to this eerie evening, after all. Then Shay had another

message for me. She knew I was giving a friend some valuable

help, although my husband said I was just being used and to drop her.

To my amazement, Shay recommended that I continue the friendship.

Interestingly enough, that friend is still part of my life, and Steve is no

longer my husband.


All the guests, including my parents, received messages pertinent

to them, but those messages are not part of my memory. I do recall,

though, that the evening ended with lightheartedness and pleasure,

leaving me a believer in all that had happened and determined to delve

into what I had learned.