Frances Pullin’s Reading for Rhona Jordan

Sunday, September 18, 2022, at 11:00 AM

Frances Pullin is the Author of two books

It is I, Amadeus, Channeled Messages from Spirit

Loving the Me in Me, Grounding in the Love Vibration

Spiritual message from “Amadeus” channeled by Frances Pullin


Amadeus, please tell me about my left lower leg.

I have a large and deep painful open wound.

Why am I having difficulty healing?

Why the intense pain?

Amadeus’ answer:

Your leg was crushed during the Civil War.

On the battlefield, with no anesthetic, your lower leg was amputated.

Bandaged at the knee

A wooden stick where your leg was.

When I heard Amadeus speak the words of past life pain, this rang true because of recent events.

1. The Dermatologist used eighteen needles of anesthetic around and in the wound and she started cleaning/scraping the wound, there was no blood. She continued scraping till some blood appeared and openly referred to it as a wooden leg. Like carving on wood.

2. Dermatologist suggested I come in weekly and have the wound cleaned out and to force it to bleed for the EPIFIX amniotic skin substitute treatments to be effective. It is a Placenta based tissue product that acts as a barrier to promote closure of wounds.

3. For the last 5 weeks I have been undergoing this brutal painful treatment. Each week begging her to stop and screaming “God help me,” crying and in the most intense pain.

4. The Dermatologist said “I can’t figure out where your pain is coming from. Everything I am cutting away is dead. There should not be any pain. It is like a person who loses his leg and still has pain in the phantom limb. I give you enough anesthetic every week as if this were major surgery, and it does not affect your pain level.

History that created the wound:

Squamish Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer) surgery and thirty-three radiation treatments. The last radiation treatment was December 16, 2021. The wound opened during radiation treatment and is still open, had multiple infections and 24-hour intense pain.

Current treatment:

Dermatologist is weekly cleaning wound, forcing it to bleed and inserting EPIFIX, amniotic skin substitute.

Follow up:

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Rhona called to report that she had only two injections and only hurt slightly as needle went into her skin. The blood flowed immediately upon attempt, so the treatment was successful in half he time. Success was seen by the Dermatologist at the site of the wound as it was beginning to heal.

“I got so much out of Frances’ sessions – they took me deep inside myself to find that what was there was, in fact, no different from the ultimate reality of the universe – imagine my surprise! I got into the habit of writing down these journeys immediately afterwards, while they were still fresh, and so I am able to relive them at will – a real and enduring treasure.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Frances for her dedication to her spiritual path and work. She has led many channel classes which I have been a part of, every one of which was enjoyable, educational, and uplifting. Furthermore, Frances is a natural healing channel, and one automatically feels the love and support flowing through her space. She is a rare find and I am grateful for being lucky enough to know her and study with her.”


“I met Frances in February, 2013, while attending her channeling class. I remember seeing the class posting and wanting to attend. But, I wasn’t entirely sure that channeling really happened. Boy was I wrong! During the first class, I felt the energy in the room when she channeled. The closest I can describe it, is the feeling of pure love running through my body; I felt…expansive – as if I was more than my body, as if my body didn’t exist and I was just me, my soul. Pretty surreal!

Many classes later, I finally had the courage to channel. As I felt all those feelings described above; about just being in the room with someone who channels, you can imagine how indescribable it was to actually channel. All thanks to Frances, who introduced me to channeling and encouraged me to put my fear of feeling foolish aside and being open to channeling myself. Thank you Frances!!”


“ Frances Pullin is my channeling mentor. I have been her student for many years. She is equally gifted in channeling and writing. The very first chapter of her book grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on a spiritual quest. Also, if you are interested in learning channeling, Frances is a patient, supportive and nonjudgmental teacher. Thanks to her mentorship, I channel professionally myself. I would recommend Frances’ classes anywhere you find them to anyone who is interested in learning to channel.”


“Frances helped me navigate through a very difficult situation, leveraging all of her spiritual recourses to help me discern who to trust and what to do next. I am so blessed to have found her and had her spiritual gifts guide me in my journey!”

-Dustin Warncke, Author