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Service Duration Price
Intuitive Reading (Medium, Psychic and/or Channeled Message)
A more general reading may include contact with a loved one on the other side, answers or direction for your personal journey or teaching you to find some of your answers on your own. Typically, if you wish to learn to contact your own guides and Angels, it may take other sessions, or you might take an Automatic Writing series of classes to develop this modality.
up to 30 mins $115.00
Intuitive Reading (Medium, Psychic and/or Channeled Message) up to 60 mins $150.00
Hypnosis Consultation – Please inquire by email 15 min $0.00
Hypnotherapy One Hour Session
We begin with a conversation to determine your expectations for the outcome of the session. You remain in complete control and can end the session at any time. This may be your only session, but most clients enjoy three or four to get to the core of the issues we are working on. We can go back in time, stay in this lifetime, or go forward into the future. Each session is unique to you and your soul’s growth.
up to 60 mins $150.00
Private Spiritual Coaching
In a Spiritual Counseling session, we converse and I bring forth answers to your questions through the assistance of Spirit. We do a relaxing meditation at the very beginning with my guides and Angels communicating with your guides and Angels. Spirit comes together to give you the information you need to know for your Spiritual growth. This can be an ongoing process depending on your personal progress.
up to 60 mins $150.00
Private Spiritual Classes – Please inquire by email up to 60 mins Customized