There is an energy of miscommunication in the nation and the world that is not pleasant to be receiving at this time. Civil talking and communicating is being interrupted by those who wish to talk, yet not listen. It is with almost of all of you. It is not limited to any group of people. Anger is being expressed openly. The words may say one thing yet convey another. Through this time, souls are trying to express their truth or feelings, but do so by striking out trying to demonstrate peacefully, rioting, looting, or maiming. All of these are but a manifestation of their inner most feelings being fueled by those around them who agree or disagree.

This period of unrest has been manifesting itself for many, many years and brings with it, new attitudes understood and misunderstood by others. Please note that your constant texting and emailing and social media use has left out a key component to interacting with others. Voice. With no voice, there is no intonation or expression of emotion be it laughter, joy, pain, or anger. The words come to the other person who is trying to decipher their own substance of the material being received when they are looking at it through their eyes and their minds.

Please, meet and greet. We do not care if you have succumbed to the mask mandate or if you fight it every step of the way. Just know that you are alive, and you have a voice. A voice filled with the exact emotion you wish to convey. The little emojis and characters come with expression of sorts yet are open to free will of the communicatee and not necessarily what the communicator is actually trying to express. Go forward and spread your word. If not in person due to distance, please use the telephone, zoom or any other means of communication where you are able to see the body language, the light in their eyes or the lilt and laughter in the voice.

Spread love and light. Listen intently, do not react until you have had time to ponder why the other person may be upsetting you. It may be something in yourself that you recognize and do not like, so you strike at it instead of being peaceful. Reaction often times causes overreaction, and this is what we are trying to remove from your world and replace it with the rapture of the day. Do keep in your mind that you agreed to participate in the earth’s energy at this moment. Time to us is an illusion. It is only on the earth that you ebb and flow and watch the sunrise and sunset. You raised your hand and said, yes, I will go. I will be there. I will do my part to find my place in restoring peace to the land.

Above all, know that there is a plan in place by the Universe and the more you connect to spirit through writing, meditating or just listening to the rustle of the leaves and sounds in the wing, the more you will find the peace that you wish to center in your body. You are the creator of your universe and you will rise to the occasion of making the absolute best of what is handed to you filled with love of self and others. The days of passive existence have ended and participation in one form or another is at hand.

Go in love, light and laughter, Amadeus