Channeled by Frances Pullin

Dear Ones. We are Angels who take time each day to check in with you whether you are aware of us or not. We have been with you from the moment of your conception and in prior lifetimes as well. Yes, at the time of conception, we decide with you and your counsel to deliver you into the world or to simply make the determination to bring you home. This is hurtful to the would-be parents, extended family, and friends as they are surrounding the space for you to be delivered with their love and excitement should this happen. It does not happen often as there is always a strong reason when it does. The answers remain known to only you and who you chose to share with if you do. When you feel ready, you appear. Maybe you come to the same parents who lost you before or maybe you feel that are not the right selection and you move into a different body for you to grow and enter their life.

Depending on the lesson or lessons you have selected the life of your choice may not be a happy one. You may not be nurtured properly and yet you continue to thrive under our wings and reach for the stars gaining momentum as you grow out of the precarious situation you are in. Landing squarely on your feet and completing the mission you were born for, you rejoice.

Other lifetimes, you chose to be deeply cherished by all who surround you and bring you forward in this life on Earth while you ultimately choosing mayhem with unsavory characters or substances or the life of perceived perfection. Who knows why you selected what you would do during any lifetime and for what lesson you are here to learn? We want you to know once you have learned them, they are with you forever and you do not return to do it over as they say. A lesson learned is never forgotten by the soul.

When we say we are always with you, we are. Let it be known now that we do not have the ability to change your decisions to make life the way we wish it would be for you. That would be judgment for your journey, and we are not the ones who have that right. That is yours and yours alone once you and your counsel have agreed. Should you ask us for help during a crisis or particularly difficult decision, know that we stand at attention or draw you into our wings to assist in that awakening. Do not forget to call on us as we are helpless without your permission.

That being said, we bring signs to you to remind you we are here for you and watching over you. They, at times, show up as triple or quadruple digits in a row as in 1:11 on the clock or odometer or any place you may not expect to see them. We are famous for showing up on vehicle license plates, also. We appear as hearts in the snow or a seashell on the beach just to let you know we are with you. Shiny pennies are another way we reach you as many times we are the proof a loved one is with you and it brings great joy to you, them, and us. Find out how we show you we are with you. You are never deserted when a loving soul departs your energy field. They are with you always until the time you meet in the ethers once more to join the Universal Energy from which you came.

Do you believe in Angels? Perhaps you should listen and hear the ruffle of out feathers that bring our wings to flight. Look for things that appear over and over and know it is us. Perhaps we are showing ourselves in the clouds overhead or a butterfly winging their way through your day. Just know. Just trust. We will bring your desires to you when you least expect it. Sending blessings to you now and always.