This missive is based on the life story of the author, Frances Pullin, from the chaos of childhood to her late sixties. It is a story, where with hard work and dedication, she has forgiven all who played a part in her life thus far including herself. This is her second book and Frances continues to tell of her spiritual journey which began a few years after the passing of her eldest son at age 33 of a heart attack. This journey has brought untold joy back into her life when she felt nothing could. Frances does not preach, but tells a story of her findings as they unfolded. She brings laughter and mirth into a subject she considers serious and one that has had a profound effect on her life. She asks the reader to dig deep and discover their love of self as she has done using the tools given to her by her Team in spirit. Then, she asks the reader to teach love of self to the children. Teaching love of self to herself, to others, and to the children is her life’s purpose. Love the you in you.