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Why is Amadeus with Frances? He has explained that he has come to this lifetime to repay the Karma from that old lifetime together.

Coffee, Tea, Amadeus & Me with Frances PullinCost: $33 He talks through her to help her bring her life’s purpose to all. She is to teach love of self.

This love of self, had to be learned by her. She had to process what it means to love herself first so she could teach it to others. She has accomplished this and reveals that journey in her new book, ‘Loving the Me in Me; Grounding in the Love Vibration”.

Frances presents Amadeus Mozart for your enjoyment. Channeling messages and answering audience questions. As part of the experience, an autographed copy of this book with a message from Amadeus is included as her gift to you for attending.

We will enjoy a brief recitation as well from, “Loving the Me in Me; Grounding in the Love Vibration”